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Add more native plants to your landscaping.

There are many reasons to add more native plants to your home’s garden and landscaping. These plants support your local ecosystem by providing food and shelter to its wildlife, and because they are adapted to local climate conditions, they also require less water to thrive. Additionally, native landscape plants are hardy and low-maintenance once established.

Native Landscape Plants in Durham, North Carolina

If you want to beautify your yard with native plants but don’t know where to begin, turn to us at Deep Roots Natives. We run a native garden nursery here in the Durham, North Carolina area and carry a huge selection of flowers, shrubs, trees, and more. Our goal is to help you beautify your yard while also protecting the local ecosystem with the addition of new plants.

Besides a huge variety of native landscape plants, we also can offer you our expertise. We can provide advice and tips on putting new plants in your garden or throughout your landscape. Our goal is to help you create a landscape you love without an incredible amount of maintenance or reliance on irrigation. Our seasoned staff members can help you select the right plants for your landscaping project, no matter its size or its scope.

If you want to add more native landscape plants to your garden or your landscaping, we are here to help you with this process. Visit our plant nursery today to check out our selection and to get a start on your landscaping project.