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Native plants are those that naturally occur in a particular area or ecosystem that have evolved over long periods to adapt to the local soil, climate, and other environmental conditions. These plants have developed a complex relationship with the native wildlife, including insects, birds, and other organisms. Native plants play a key role in maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity of native ecosystems today.

Native Plant Garden Center in Durham, North Carolina

Including native plants in your landscaping offers many benefits for your yard as a whole. For example, including native plant species in your landscaping contributes to the preservation of local biodiversity by providing a habitat and food for native wildlife. Native plants are also adapted to local rainfall patterns, so once established, they require less water to thrive when compared to non-native species. This makes native plants a more water-efficient choice for landscaping. Additionally, because native plants are typically well-adapted to their native conditions, they are a low-maintenance option for landscapes and gardens.

At Deep Roots Natives, our native plant garden center is an excellent source for a wide selection of native plants that thrive in the Durham, North Carolina area. Visiting our native plant garden center can give you ideas of how to enhance your yard’s visual interest while also creating an environment beneficial to local wildlife and the area’s ecosystem as a whole.

At our native plant garden center, our staff can make recommendations for your landscaping or garden based on its specific conditions, as well as your preferences for ongoing maintenance and aesthetics. To explore our plant options, visit our native plant garden center today.

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