Deep Roots Natives Blog


We are passionate about being an educational resource for those wanting to learn more about native plants and their myriad benefits.

At Deep Roots Natives, we strive to provide more to the Durham, North Carolina community than the hundreds of species of native plants that we stock in our retail garden center. Our aim is to be a valuable local resource for those who want to embrace the ecosystem benefits, positive environmental impact, increased biodiversity and more that come with utilizing plants that are indigenous to our region.

We even bring in free guest speakers for those in our community interested in learning more about ecological gardening methods and biodiversity in the spring and fall.

Our blog is designed to share information on native plants, including why they matter, why invasive plants can detract from a healthy yard and garden, why pollinator plants are important, how to balance beauty and benefits, and why making small, sustainable changes on your property can reap big rewards. Feel free to reach out with questions on any of the topics presented.